Designing solutions
New start ups .

Website services

  • Domain name – if you only got your business name but no domain we can purchase that for you!
  • Google analytics services – to make sure your website is seen on search engine.
  • Website traffic management – is your website loading slow?
  • Website management – we can take care of your website without you doing any work, we can create or edit content for you
  • Website creation – e-commerce, custom design, forums, learning platforms like moodle.
  • Website hosting – free website hosting for a month if you create your website with us


Creation process;

Starting a project processes:

  1. The ideas provided by you
  2. We will develop a prototype
  3. Content and text provided by you
  4. Preview of finished project
  5. Amendments required 
  6. Finished project

Super fast delivery – are you in a rush? Need a website as soon as possible?We got you covered! Express creation can get your website up and running within 1 day.Usual design process can take 1-5days depending on the type of a website.

Graphic design

Logos, flyers, business cards, catalogues, food menus . If you got a visual perception of what you want but just can’t design it yourself? Leave it to us!

Content design

Context creation – if you are thinking of starting a new business and you are not sure what to put on your website, we can help you with the context and the content

What to have in mind?

  1. Competitor sites
  2. Sites you like
  3. Colour scheme should be more than 2 colours
  4. content such as texts and images 

If you are looking to make something very difficult or want to know more about the processes you can always get in touch with us.

Like what you see?

Best Practice Design.

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Graphic Design

We turn your ideas into reality.


Our logo designs

The logos that we have designed for our customers


Why order from us?

  • Unique websites. Every website we build is unique to represent the difference and importance of your business.
  • Meeting latest standards. We keep our web development expertise up to date to meet current web development requirements.
  • Fast websites. We will optimize your website to make it as fast as required by current standards.
  • Secure and reliable. We use most advanced and reliable tools to create you a website you can always rely on.
  • Optimized for Search Engines. We will apply latest SEO recommendations to make sure your website can be found on Internet.
  • Fully Responsive. Your website will work fine on every screen size: smartphone, tablet, laptop or large screen PC.
  • Extendable. Websites we build can be easily extended if your business has grown or if you decided to add more content.

Websites We Build

  • Business Representational Websites
  • Content Management Websites
  • Entertainment Websites
  • Classified Ads Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • News Websites
  • E-Portfolios
  • Blogs
  • Other
Contact us if you want something different.

Our workflow

Basic outlook of project planning.






A few facts about our company

We are an independent business which provides services for the lowest price on the market! We love what we do and no price can change it.